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Welcome to the Maserati Khamsin Registry…


At long last a 1/18 scale Khamsin model is due to be marketed, Minichamps has announced it will be in production this year. See their website for update

We have no commercial connection with them but could organize a group purchase if enough of you are interested. This would be with payment directly to a Minichamps agent in Germany and no I would not be commissioned:-)


Reflecting the rarity of real ones, Khamsin models of any scale and definition have been extremely scarce.

In the early 1980’s the German firm of Homburg produced what was for the time a very nice and detailed 1/43 scale model in resin. Production however was extremely limited as rumor has it that no more than 150 were made.
They certainly have been extremely difficult to find; yours truly only saw one in the 1980’s in the booth of a vendor in France and when attempting to find it in 2001 found just one, in a small specialized model shop in Vienna Austria. It was this oro chiaro tan example shown below which appears to have been the last one left unsold anywhere.

Then in the late nineteen seventies the Japanese firm of Aoshima, manufacturer of plastic kits produced one when doing a series of the major sportscars of the time but it was only in 1/64 scale and very poorly done at that; a curiosity more than anything.
The one shown here, assembled but not painted was bought in 2004 from a seller in Nagoya Japan.

After a couple of decades in the wilderness out of the blue came a new kit by Replicars in Holland. Also in resin this was predictably even better than the Homburg rendition since model technology had improved beyond recognition and Replicars are known for very fine work. Two things however detracted from this model; firstly the Dutch chose some very bizarre colors such as Luci di Bosco and verde chiaro, with only silver as an acceptable alternative, as opposed to offering fly yellow which would have been striking, dark blue or, unimaginative but always a safe seller, red. The second negative was that the rear glass was not glass but painted body color, as shown in the photos below of this model bought from a German web vendor in 2004.

1:43 Model by Replicars

NEW 1:43 Model by IXO
Brand new release Spring 2005:
I have not yet seen this one in person, does not appear to be of the same quality, but is considerably more affordable.


No large scale one off Khamsin models are known to have been made by Michele Conti or other such craftsmen for the wealthy but one Italian enthusiast created a stunning wooden model. Doctor Alberto Consigliere of Milan had wanted to buy a real Khamsin. Alas on the occasion of trying one out with his family for possible purchase things went awry. His wife faced him with the fact that their 12 year old son when trying to sit himself in the back seat did not know where to put his legs and he had to resign himself to buying a more suitable Mexico instead.
Like a rejected lover pining away at the aloof and unattainable subject of his affections he decided to console himself by creating a 1/8 scale model in wood; an endeavour that therefore thoroughly qualifies as a labor of love!
Looking at it, it becomes even more obvious. The type of wood working methods and time spent are unknown. Thanks to Walter Gualdrini, author of the unique Miniature Maserati book for his permission to publish the photos.


It is quite probable that Bertone made a large clay or plastic model as a design study at the time and quite possible that this survives in Bertone’s headquarters.

Sam Dibitonto of Reno Nevada, a long time and knowledgeable Maserati enthusiast, owner of a Khamsin was frustrated that no models were available and built these from scratch (below). A very impressive job!

No other Khamsin models are known. In conclusion, short of commissioning a large scale metal and leather model at huge expense, of buying the good Doctor’s masterpiece which is inconceivable finding a Homburg model of pleasing color remains the choicest Khamsin of all scales but 1/1.

Yours truly is intent on getting a replicars cut into a spyder and will show it here when done….but I will bravely betray history; unlike the real one it will not be pale blue but fly yellow and huh it certainly won’t be an automatic!

Other memorabilia is equally rare; no postage stamp is known but quite possibly exists as many tiny remote countries in the Pacific, Africa and the middle east boosted their stamp sales by choosing to feature every exotic or racing car under the sun. If you know of a stamp or have one please send us a photo.

Playing cards were very popular with little boys in the 1970’s young English speakers then played top trumps and Periscope Countach’s vied with Monteverdi Hai’s for top speed while Aston Martins and yes, Khamsin’s snapped at the heels of Ferrari’s Boxer and bested Pantera’s and Porsche turbo’s. The card shown below was part of a similar German card game I had when living in Germany in 1974-76….just when my father brought a Khamsin home for the weekend once: all I knew about it then was contained on that card!

Other odds and ends very occasionally surface, such as this waste basket bought at a car show in Paris in the early 1980’s.

Beyond the brochures manuals and traditional magazine articles covered elsewhere a Khamsin was rumored to have been used in Playboy photoshoot at the time, which is certainly better than a fashion shoot with period bell bottom pants…