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Welcome to the Maserati Khamsin Registry…

The Maserati Khamsin Registry is now in its 12th year with database information on over 320 of the 430 Khamsin's built, I was able to do this thanks to the kind help of numerous enthusiasts in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Australia, the middle east, Asia and of Maserati Classiche at the factory: many thanks to all and grazie mille Signori Cozza e Collina!

After being left very much in the shadows for many years this model, like a very fine but little known wine, has now been discovered, by enthusiasts who are enjoying its unrivalled charisma among with its high performance, impressive to this day, matched by unrivaled ease of use, allowing short spirited drives or continental crossing journeys in comfort while keeping up with almost anything on the Autobahn.

It has of course also been discovered by speculators. While the latter are less welcome than the former this has had the advantage of generating numerous restorations and saving cars which would otherwise have disappeared. Most US models have also by now been "un-disfigured" by receiving Euro bumper kits which was important, their design brought back to its intended purity. It must be noted that most US models have by now been bought by Europeans and brought back to the old world, since they were always under appreciated in the USA, in every sense of the word.

The book Maserati the Citroen years 1968-1975 published in 2013 by Eau Rouge Publishing -thanks to the enthusiastic commitment of my publisher Doug Blair- took years of my time and nearly killed me (and anybody believing one makes money from a car book is deluded!).

The book explains that era properly which had never been done before. It contains an 82 page definitive chapter on the Khamsin. See link for further information.

The website has now been relocated from the USA to the UK and is being reorganized and updated with more content beginning in early 2016, including the database on each car, therefore watch this space.

After the successful KHAMSIN QUARANTA June 2012 event in Burgundy, France, which saw the gathering of 27 Khamsins from all over Europe with its designer Marcello Gandini, Maserati Classiche, the Khamsin prototype, the one off spyder, we are happy to announce another event, by invitation only, due to be held June 22-25 2017 in Burgundy for Khamsins and all classic Maseratis, though availability is limited: CLASSIC MASERATIS IN HIDDEN BURGUNDY. If you have a classic Maserati and are interested please contact us

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January 14, 2016

Maserati Khamsin Registry